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Get Connected at Inman Connect SF

Inman Connect is THE place to meet the best and brightest in the industry. Over the course of four days, you will discover new opportunities and make valuable new connections that will change your business. Be prepared to get Connected to new people, to new ideas, to new technology and to new ways of thinking about your business.

Haven’t registered for Connect yet? Here’s what you are missing:

Exposure to a diverse global audience, beyond your own tribe. The opportunity to meet and get to know people who think about real estate differently than you.
Connect is an idea factory where you can learn about what is around the bend, and new and different, strategies that will shape your business into the future.
The latest technology is unveiled at Connect, companies launch their products and their entire businesses there. You will get in on the ground floor of what will make a difference in the industry in the future.
Connect is an open forum for discussing anything, nothing is taboo and no one must be politically correct. Consequently, new business models, new approaches to the industry and controversy thrive at Connect, all for you to tap into for your business decisions.
Connect SF is about Getting Connected, the place where you will find that perfect connection that will change everything.

San Francisco 2015: August 4-7, 2015

Register now for $949.

Agent San Francisco Real Estate SF
Agent San Francisco Real Estate SF

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