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SELECT PROPERTY TYPE: Single Family (SFR), Condominium, 2-4 Unit multi family, Apartment, Commercial or Vacant Land.

Single Family (SFR) residential: The most common type of zoning for a home listed in the MLS and county records,  Also known as single family detached, this means the home is a stand alone structure with its own lot. Single family residences differ from condominiums, townhomes, cooperatives, ormulti-family homes, which are all attached residences.

Condominium (Condo):  A building or complex in which units of property, such as apartments, are owned by individuals and common parts of the property, such as the grounds and building structure, are owned jointly by the unit owners and as specified by county records and city code. (Co-Opertive) zoning will also fall under condominium financing with special loan provisions and ownership provisions if any.

2-4 Multi Family Residential:  a type of residential structure with more than one dwelling unit in the same building. Multifamily housing is divided into 2 categories: 2-4 dwelling units: duplexes, triplexes, and quadraplexes .

Apartment:  When people use the term “apartment” this way, it’s architectural and without regard to legal ownership issues. The living space may consist of one room or a set of rooms, and it may be one of a few or several such spaces in the building. In other words, whether the inhabitants of the space rent or own it, it’s still an apartment. This definition includes co-ops and condos. Apartment zoning is determined by the city and county in which the property is in.

Commercial property:  Commercial real estate is any property owned to produce income. In its broadest definition, it includes apartment complexes and industrial real estate. Commercial real estate is commonly thought of as shopping centers, office buildings, and hotels. It also includes medical and educational buildings. It includes vacant land that will eventually be leased, or built upon for buildings to be leased.

Vacant Land:  Unimproved land that is empty and has no buildings on it.

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